A few weeks ago I’ve been introduced to the Amazon store Ecupper, and I was eager to try the items they kindly sent me. On this post, I’ll be showing you the Ecupper yoga activewear that I picked.

Most of Ecupper’s items are activewear, loungewear and yoga items. They also sell ready-to-wear, and I picked an outfit from that section too (upcoming blogpost!). But first we’ll focus on their activewear.

This lovely yoga top was very flattering from the beginning. It comes in different colours but I fell for this gorgeous teal blue that brightens up my face and skin tone. The back comes with a beautiful cross strap design (new kitty and moon tattoo, yep) and a cool open centre with horizontal straps.

You can remove the pads on the chest area if you prefer, but if I’m honest, compared with similar activewear brands, these pads are much more subtle and natural. The front is pretty clean and neat, because all the details are in the back. I would rate this top 9/10, as my only wish is that the fabric was slightly more stretchy.

My grey leggings are also a massive score. I specifically wanted a pair of leggings that were straight leg. Actually, my first ever activewear leggings back in the day were straight leg, almost flared in fact. I have them since I was a teenager and the quality is so good I still wear them around the house or for a quick grocery trip.

A couple of months ago, while I was watching HauteLeMode reacting to Emma Chamberlain’s Vogue 7 Days, 7 Outfits, I saw her wearing a lovely pair of straight leg leggings (which HauteLeMode approved). When I saw this pair on Ecupper everything came back to me as a full circle and I picked them up.

At first I thought they were going to run small, but the fabric of this item was indeed stretchy so it fit me like a glove. The fabric also does a great job balancing its stretchy properties with holding everything in a flattering way. And of course, the colour is super versatile, so what’s not to love!

All in all, this Ecupper yoga outfit is a solid 9/10. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of these items, especially for an Amazon store!





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