Trying on my second collab with Ecupper*! This time I picked a fleece teddy jacket + faux-leather pants combo, perfect for this winter season!

Teddy jackets are still going strong this season after making a big comeback last year. I picked a casual, rather sporty teddy jacket from Ecupper, unlike the usual oversized, long teddy coats. I thought white was Christmassy and looked more expensive than the other colours.

The fleece fabric is unvelievably soft and cozy, and it keeps me warm. The jacket features a zipper, which makes it practical and gives that sporty vibe I was talking about. It’s a lovely jacket to have for casual afternoons and even to wear on top of a activewear like I was wearing on my first Ecupper blogpost.

The pants are of course faux-leather and thanks to its spandex percentage on the fabric, they are very comfortable and easy to wear. I also like the muted satin finish that looks different from the other shiny faux-leather pants out there. It is quite high waisted and has some buttons, this style definitely sets them apart from leggings and elevates the item.

I can see myself wearing these pants with something more casual and streetwear like the trendy Nike air force 1, an oversized hoodie and a cool cap. But from the photos you can also tell the essence of the Ecupper pants is quite bold and rocker, without giving up on versatility. Therefore, instead of sneakers, I picked up my new combat boots to add a badass element.

Accessories-wise, I got my new small snake-print bag (which was like an impulse buy from my husband on Ebay for me lol, but I’ll take it!) and some cool shades. My hair in the photos was so long (it was before I had a haircut) so I played a little with the lenght and came up with this hairstyle.

I hope you liked this outfit and see you all on my next post!


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